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Is it possible to sort a text file before creatinga dictionary?

Question asked by ionarawilson on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by ionarawilson
I am using a txt file to create a dictionary. However the dictionary is not sorted according to the txt file no matter the sequence of values in the txt file. Is there a way to sort the file or to sort the dictionary according alphabetically ascending (A to Z) or in the order it is in the file? Thanks!

file = open('D:\\ArcGISDATA\\SARS\\OfficeDomain_list.txt', 'r')  foresterdomaintxt = {}  for line in file.readlines():          x = line.split(",")         a = x[0]         b = x[1]         bstrip =x[1].strip('\n')         foresterdomaintxt[a]=bstrip print foresterdomaintxt 

Here is the file:

Temple,TE San Angelo,SG San Augustine,ST Weslaco,WE

And here is what I get, no matter the order of items in the file:

{'Weslaco': 'WE', 'San Augustine': 'ST', 'Temple': 'TE', 'San Angelo': 'SG'}