problem with WFS Data, GDAL, Python, ArcGIS, & Defining Projection

Discussion created by townofsnowflake on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by lpinner
I'm pulling in data in gml2 format with a EPSG#4267 from a wfs.

I create a datastream in python and then run the following from the python window in ArcMap:

data =

#write the gml data to a gml file
rasterdata = open("E:\\Melo\\USGS" + "\\Roads.gml", 'w')

#Run the ogr2ogr to convert to shp
cmd = ["ogr2ogr", "-f", "ESRI Shapefile", "E:\\Roads.shp", "E:\\Roads.gml"]

#Define the projection
infc ="E:\\Roads.shp"
prjfile = "E:\\4267.prj"
arcpy.DefineProjection_management(infc, prjfile)

Unfortunately, when i try to add the layer in ArcMap 10.1 it "appears" blank.  Typically, I've only seen this happen when their was something wrong with the projection.  I know there is data in the file because I've converted it successfully using alternate methods.

I installd GDAL according to these instructions exactly (1500/32 bit/2.7).

I did NOT download and install the ArcGIS bindings .  Do I need them?

Any ideas on what could be causing the layer to appear blank in ArcMap?