Manage Cache Tiles and Background Processing

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Aug 5, 2013
To All ArcGIS Server v10.1 Publishers:

I have created a cached mapservice from ArcMap where I configured the tiles to be created later.  I then went into the Server Caching Tools in ArcCatalog to use the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool after the mapservice was initially created.  ArcCatalog, by default, is set to Background Processing so the process unfortunately is running in the background.  The problem is the small progress dialog box at the bottom of ArcCatalog is not visible as it was for other tools I used.

Is the small progress dialog box supposed to be visible when creating the cache tiles?  If so, where do I go in ArcCatalog to make this dialog box visible again?

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated.