Availability of ArcPy features in Runtime for WPF

Discussion created by akmanchianand on Aug 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by akmanchianand
I know there are only a few geoprocessing tools available through Arcpy in the runtime SDK and they can be used only with the standard license. I could not find documentation on what other classes of Arcpy are available/not available/planned for a future release?

1. Can you connect to an existing file geodatabase through arcpy and use search/insert/update cursors?
2. Are there any limitations to using cursors or they are work just like they work with ArcGIS Desktop-Arcpy?
3. I got to know from another post, that arcpy.mapping module is not available in the runtime sdk. I could not find documentation on which modules are available/not available when using arcpy in the runtime sdk. Does anyone know?

We are planning to propose a wpf application using runtime sdk for a client and it is very important for us to know this.