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Refresh Feature layer problem on adding new feature continuously

Question asked by pavsanto on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by pavsanto

I am developing a stand alone application using C# Arcobjects 10.1 SDK.
I have a requirement to plot point features continuously as and when data is populated into my Message Queue( 1 message for 1 point feature). I keep getting some hundreds of points and some of them at the same time, hence i need to plot them as soon as i get them without much delay. I am able to create new features in a feature class and create a feature layer to display.
Upon creation of the first feature, I am adding a feature layer to map and from next time i am refreshing the feature layer so that new features can be seen. The problem is i need to refresh the feature layer every time i add a new feature and hence when i plot thousands of symbols it flickers continuously. I tried all the options in ActiveView.PartialRefresh() also specifying the feature layer as its argument, when i do so.. I can only see the first point and the system hangs for some time and after all the points are plotted the system comes out of hang and when i do a refresh operation the feature layer is visible. Using Refresh() continuously flickers until all are plotted.

I earlier plotted points on Graphic layer and points were being plotted without the need to refresh the map, but I had to move to Feature layer and I am facing this refresh problem in order to see the newly add features. Also to mention I am not aware of how many points i need to plot, I need to continuously plot as and when i get the information into my message Q.  Is there a way to see the features as soon as they are created on the feature layer without much refreshing.

This might be a common problem which many of us might have faced. Please help on this.. need to address this on priority basis.

Thanks and Regards,
Santosh Pavan Kumar