Using Arcpy, how to add selected features to FC AND attributes?

Discussion created by kafros on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by kafros
This should be pretty simple, but I'm not finding a good answer in Help or Google.  I have a section of features from a feature class.  I want to essentially create one feature from them and add them to another existing feature class along with one or two attributes.  I'm attempting to create a tool in ArcMap 10.0 that allows my users to select the features, open the tool, add the information about the soon-to-be-created feature into the text boxes in the tool and when they click OK, have it create a new feature out of the selected geometry (polygon) in my other FC with attributes filled out from the user's specifications.  It looks like arcpy.CopyFeatures_management() will create a new feature in a NEW feature class, but how do I tell it what attributes to use and to add to an EXISTING feature class?

Thanks for any direction.