Hello World with basemap in UTM not showing

Discussion created by VinceThom on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by agup-esristaff
Hi everyone! I get a strange problem with the HelloWorld project:

I run the HelloWorld sample without any problem.

When I change the basemap URL for another one with WKID 26910 (NAD83 / UTM zone 10N) and set the extent:
mMapView.setExtent(new Envelope(494690, 5460167, 500752, 5465297));

It runs perfectly on several devices with various Android versions EXCEPT for the Motorola Atrix MB860 (2.3.6) where the map is not showing. It even runs on a previous Android version on another phone (2.3.4).

Any explanations?  Thanks folks!