Using Python to Upgrade Metadata

Discussion created by daviddenham on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by daviddenham
I am trying to use python to allow users to select a SDE connection as their workspace and select the dataset they want to upgrade.  Then the script will upgrade the dataset's metadata, loop through the feature classes in the dataset and upgrade the metadata for each of the feature classes.  I am not getting any error messages, but the metadata is not upgrades and the tool is not running for that long. 

import arcpyarcpy.env.workspace = arcpy.GetParameterAsText (0)
DatasetName = arcpy.GetParameterAsText (1)
print DatasetName
arcpy.UpgradeMetadata_conversion (DatasetName, "FGDC_TO_ARCGIS")
fcList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses ("*","",DatasetName)
for fc in fcList:
    print fc
        arcpy.UpgradeMetadata_conversion (fc, "FGDC_TO_ARCGIS")