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Loading a KML file to a web map in AGOL, Is it possible?

Question asked by mparedesesriuk-esridist Employee on Jul 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by mparedesesriuk-esridist
Greetings all, AGOL fans.

I'm completely new to using KML, so please bare with me if what I'm asking is "Silly".

I have a couple of KML files (.kml) that I would like to load to a web map.  However, there is a catch:
I don't want to add the KML file to My Content using Add Item, or any other method.

Is this is my own file, could I add it to a location in my own web server, and then add it to the web map using "Add > Add Layer from Web"?

Besides the Web Server method above, is there any other way of adding a KML file to a web map?

Many thanks in advance.