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Creating an SQL Server Workspace

Question asked by Mitch954 on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by Mitch954
I'm having some problems creating a connection to an MS SQL Server DB.

      pWrkspcFact := CoSqlWorkspaceFactory.Create as IWorkspaceFactory ;
      pProps := CoPropertySet.Create as IPropertySet ;
      pProps.SetProperty ( 'DATABASE' , 'SamplesSQL' ) ;
      pProps.SetProperty ( 'DBCLIENT' , 'SQLServer' ) ;
      pProps.SetProperty ( 'SERVERINSTANCE' , 'Quandry' ) ;
      pProps.SetProperty ( 'AUTHENTICATION_MODE' , 'OSA' ) ;
      pWrkspcFact.Open( pProps , 0 ) ;

On calling Open I get  along wait and the following error: "Failure to access the DBMS server"

This is coded in Delphi but it should work the same as .NET or C++. I've played with connection strings and different property names since the documentation is a bit inconsistent but without any success. Any idea what I'm missing or doing wrong?

Mitch Wolberg,
RockWare, Inc.