a good symbol for crosswalks? (polygon)

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..I'm not sure if this is trulky a forum-worthy question, but I haven't yet found a solution...

I am working on a map which has city crosswalks as a polygon feature.  The clients would really like the symbols to be something like the typical marking on a physical crosswalk - like a 'ladder' type design, where there are perpendicular lines connecting to the outer border of the length (or longer edge of the polygon)...

Most of the polygon symbols with cross hatching that I see in the ESRI stock symbol styles have lines that are parallel or perpendicular to the screen itself (or the map orientation)...This symbol I would like to use would keep the ladder like look described above, no matter the orientation of the crosswalk to the screen.

Does anyone know any symbols like this? I know I can create a symbol but I do not know how to create one that will hold to this condition.

Thanks, Jason