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Help - Geoprocessing libraries from stand-alone .net application built with ArcEngine

Question asked by nachsart on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by nachsart

We have a map viewer built using the ArcEngine map controls, and now I'd like to start using some of the Geoprocessing tools to generate layers for display in the map viewer.  

I'm wondering if I can use the ESRI.ArcGIS.DataManagementTools library (eg. FeatureToPolygon tool) from a stand-alone .net application built on ArcEngine and deployed to a target machine that only has an ArcEngine Run-time license? 

To make matters worse, the help topics on this site are showing "Document not found" for several of the links under the "Geoprocessor library and tool reference".

Can all of these tools under the "Geoprocessing library and tool reference" be used with an ArcEngine Run-time license?  (Excepting the obvious ones that require additional extensions like Spatial Analyst).

After navigating much of the online documentation I've come to the conclusion that using the above library within ArcGIS requires the Advanced license level (ArcInfo).   But I'm hoping the full functionality is opened with the ArcEngine Run-time licensing.

Thank you so much for your assistance, and sorry if this was confusing.