Spatial Join, Centroid of Join Feature

Discussion created by benfriedrich on Jul 23, 2013
Im trying to create a spatial join from one shapefile of many polygons and another shapefile of many polygons, The target feature is a mosaic of large polygons and the join feature are smaller polygons that overlap inside the larger ones. When i have the match_option as "INTERSECT" i will get the join counts i want except some join polygons overlap 2 target features so i want to join based on the centroid of the join polygon falling into the target polygons. The CENTROID option joins based on the center of the target feauture.

I was able to make it where i created Centroid points based on the join polygons and then substituted those in as the joins instead and then INTERSECT works for what i wanted to join but i just found it odd that there is no option set for the join polygon centers in the first place