Setting workspace dynamically as part of out path

Discussion created by donalkc on Jul 21, 2013
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Hi all,
I've successfully managed to set my workspace as a 'arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)'. I then created a file GDB and I'm now trying to create a rasterdataset in this file GDB. The rasterdataset wants  an 'out_path' to be set. I tried what I have below:

# Create Raster Dataset
out_path = "Prog.gdb"
out_name = "R_Dataset"
# Run the Create Raster Dataset Script
arcpy.CreateRasterDataset_management (out_path, out_name, "", "8_BIT_UNSIGNED", "", "1", "", "PYRAMIDS -1 NEAREST DEFAULT 75 NO_SKIP", "128 128", "LZ77", "")
# Mosaic Rasters into a the Raster Dataset
inputs = arcpy.ListRasters("", "TIF")
# Set the target to the Raster Dataset that was already created
target = "R_Dataset"
# Run the Mosaic tool
arcpy.Mosaic_management (inputs, target, "LAST", "FIRST", "", "", "NONE", "0", "NONE")
# Set local variables
in_raster = "R_Dataset"
in_mask_data = "Study_area_extent"
#Extract by Mask
outExtractByMask = (in_raster, in_mask_data)

I want to know is there anyway for the original workspace to become part of the out_path when another user runs the code, so it would be something like 'Workspace + Prog.gdb".