ArcGlobe Draw Rectangle OpenGL

Discussion created by kuhnboy on Jul 19, 2013
I've only successfully drawn a rectangle by having a custom globe layer rasterized, therefore using the 2D display basically to draw using the 2D symbols.

Inside of my DrawImmediate function, I have been able to draw a rectangle with GeographicToGeocentric to convert Lat/Lon coordinates to Geocentric but the Quad draws through the globe and is not 'draped' on it.

So I figured I could do in my DrawImmediate call:

myGlobeDisplay.DirectOpenGLDraw = true;

myGlobeDisplay.SetSymbol(new TextureFillSymbolClass() { Color = YELLOW_COLOR });
myGlobeDisplay.DrawRectangle(new EnvelopeClass() { XMin = 0, XMax = 40, YMin = 0, YMax = 40 });

myGlobeDisplay.DirectOpenGLDraw = false;

But this seems to have no effect. I see plenty of examples for markers but not for rectangles, polygons, etc.