Best way to return spatial query reuslts to ASP.NET

Discussion created by on Jul 18, 2013

a non-gis developer needs to be able to get the results of a simple spatial query, which will be used in an ASP.NET application.  I created a WCF service that did the job, but after publishing it I get this error: "Could not load file or assembly 'ESRI.ArcGIS.Display' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format". I noticed that my arcobjects code throws a bunch of warnings when the processor target is set to "any cpu", no warnings if I change it to "x86". I've read that WCF services can't target x86. At this point I'm unsure if I should continue pursuing this solution or I should change my approach. I'm still new to the api, so any help is more than appreciated. Thanks.