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Label Does Not Display in Map Service

Question asked by silvesterkim on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2014 by chad
Hi all,

I hope someone out there had a similar experience as me, and found a solution.

I have a MXD setup to be published as a map service.
In the MXD, there are two polygons both saved in SDE, and labelled as follows.

Polygon 1:
It is joined to a non-spatial table saved in SQL DB. The polygon is then labelled based on one of the fields from the joined table.

Polygon 2:
It is a feature class without any join. The polygon is labelled based on one of the fields in the feature class.

For both layers, they have no problem labelling within ArcMap session (AG10.1).

However, when they are published as a map service, the label from the Polygon 1 disappears, but only Polygon 2 label shows.

So far I have checked:
- Mapplex label engine --> Not used
- Registration of data source in the AG Server 10.1 --> checked
- REST end point --> I used query to return the value that I want to label, and it correctly returns the value.
- I unjoined the table in Polygon 1 and label based on one of the fields in the feature class --> Label works.

As a result, I think the table join is causing a problem in labelling.

If anyone knows any workaround or found setup that I have missed, please help me.

Thank you in advance.