Almost there, but I need help finding a bug

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Hi all,
  I'm having a problem with my code.  It creates data driven pages from two seperate MXDs as left and right side page PDFs.  Then it puts them together into one PDF.   It used to work on my Windows XP machine and ArcGIS 10.0 but is giving me trouble on my new Windows 7 machine with ArcGIS 10.1.  The code is below.  Most is commented out because the failure happens when it tries to combine the two sets of pdfs.  Any ideas?

import arcpy, os

# Create an output directory variable
outDir = r"C:\Working_Directory\Combined"  

# Create a new, empty pdf document in the specified output directory
finalpdf_filename = outDir + r"\FinalStorm.pdf"
if os.path.exists(finalpdf_filename):
finalPdf = arcpy.mapping.PDFDocumentCreate(finalpdf_filename)

# Add the title page to the pdf
# finalPdf.appendPages(r"G:\CamarilloGIS\Projects\Atlases\Storm_Drain\2007\CoverSheet.pdf")

# Add the index map to the pdf
#  finalPdf.appendPages(r"G:\CamarilloGIS\Projects\Atlases\Storm_Drain\2007\GridIndex.pdf")

# Create Facing Pages for the map book
# Create pages for left-hand side of the book
mxdPathLeft = r"G:\CamarilloGIS\Projects\PublicWorks\STORMWATER\Updates\Even11x17_Aerial.mxd"
tempMapLeft = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(mxdPathLeft)
tempDDPLeft = tempMapLeft.dataDrivenPages

# Loop creates individual pdf's for odd numbered pages
#for pgNumLeft in range(1, tempDDPLeft.pageCount + 1,):
#  temp_filename = r"C:\Working_Directory\L_" + \
#                            str(pgNumLeft) + ".pdf"
#  if os.path.exists(temp_filename):
#    os.remove(temp_filename)
#  tempDDPLeft.exportToPDF(temp_filename, "RANGE", pgNumLeft)
# Create pages for right-hand side of the book
mxdPathRight = r"G:\CamarilloGIS\Projects\PublicWorks\STORMWATER\Updates\Odd11x17_Aerial.mxd"
tempMapRight = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(mxdPathRight)
tempDDPRight = tempMapRight.dataDrivenPages

# Loop creates individual pdf's for even numbered pages
#for pgNumRight in range(2, tempDDPRight.pageCount + 1,):
#  temp_filename = r"C:\Working_Directory\R_" + \
#                             str(pgNumRight) + ".pdf"
#  if os.path.exists(temp_filename):
#    os.remove(temp_filename)
#  tempDDPRight.exportToPDF(temp_filename, "RANGE", pgNumRight)

# Append right and left-hand pages together in proper order
i = 1 #set i equal to 1 to start with the first PDFs
for pgNum in range(1, tempDDPLeft.pageCount + 1):
  print "Page", pgNum, "of", tempDDPLeft.pageCount
  tempPDF = r"C:\Working_Directory\combined" + os.sep + str(pgNum) + ".pdf"
  finalPdf.appendPages(r"C:\Working_Directory\L_" + str(i) + ".pdf") #appends the first PDF from the odds
  finalPdf.appendPages(r"C:\Working_Directory\R_" + str(i) + ".pdf") #appends the first PDF from the evens
  i = i + 1 #adds 1 to i so that it will append PDFs number 2 next, then 3, 4, and so on through 48finalPdf.appendPages(tempPDF)
# Update the properties of the final pdf

# Save your result

# Delete variables
del finalPdf, mxdPathLeft, mxdPathRight, tempDDPLeft, tempDDPRight, 
tempMapLeft, tempMapRight, tempPDF

Here is the error...

Page 1 of 68

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Working_Directory\PythonCombine -", line 59, in <module>
    finalPdf.appendPages(r"C:\Working_Directory\R_" + str(i) + ".pdf") #appends the first PDF from the evens
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.1\arcpy\arcpy\", line 960, in appendPages
    return convertArcObjectToPythonObject(self._arc_object.appendPages(*gp_fixargs((pdf_path, password_for_pdf), True)))
AttributeError: Invalid path

I've checked the paths to the the .py file and the pages and the  But I suspect their is something wrong with