When configuring pop-up related/joined attributes are not shown

Discussion created by sciolofan on Jul 16, 2013
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Hello all!

I have in ArcMap a shapefile and a dbf table called VALUES. Basically I want to get some extra data from this dbf table so I joined it with the shape file. After that I exported the shape's data with Data->Export data option and chose Export All features.
I created a zip file from generated files and then imported in ArcGIS online with Add Layer from file. Until now, no problem.
When I want to configure the pop-up I can see available only the following attributes: {FID} , {ID} which comes from the shape's table BUT NO ATTRIBUTES from my VALUES dbf table to which I made a join previously. Was something wrong which I did?
So my goal is to see on configure pop-up the columns from VALUE table as well.

Thank you very much