How to write the code using classic ASP to connect to ArcGIS server

Discussion created by sailitang on Jul 4, 2013
Hi,    Classic ASP is pretty new to me, but now I have to modify a ASP code. The following code is for server connection and now it is using ArcIMS server connection, but I have to convert it to ArcGIS server connection. Anyone can give me some classic ASP sample code? Thanks a lot. 

'Set connection to the server
                Set mConnector = Server.CreateObject("aims.ArcIMSConnector") 'ArcIMSConnector object creation
                mConnector.ServerName = objDownload.strArcImsServerName 'IP Address of ArcIMS Server (and FTP server) mConnector.ServerPort = 5300                    'Server's port
                Set mMap      = Server.CreateObject("aims.Map")   'Map object creation
                resultInit    = mMap.InitMap( mConnector,ServiceName  )                 'Initialization