AGSTiledLayer for cached and dynamic data

Discussion created by patrickhartling on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by patrickhartling
I understand that instances of AGSTiledLayer are designed for cached imagery, but is it possible to use them for a combination of cached and dynamic data? For example, our application receives geographic sample data when communicating with a sampling source attached to a vehicle. The majority of the data is historical and gets pulled from a persistent store. That could be rendered as cached tiles. With the vehicle in motion and new samples coming in, there could be 1 to 4 tiles that contain new data to display at fairly regular intervals.

Having a way to refresh only those updated tiles is basically what we have been implementing in a subclass of AGSDynamicLayer. If we could leverage the built-in tiling afforded by AGSTiledLayer, our code may very well end up being a lot simpler and a lot faster. I will work on writing some code to test the possibility of using AGSTiledLayer instead of AGSDynamicLayer, but it would help to know if this is at all practical in the current architecture of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS.