heatmap.js based on the attribute

Discussion created by vadivelan.gis on Jul 1, 2013
I am trying to use heatmap.js in my project (with Arcgis 10.1 server).. as per the samples given in the ESRI site

everything works fine. I created a point map service, that is also working fine. But these are all based on the cluster of points.

in the above link, there is an example, var data = [ { attributes: { count:50 }, geometry: { spatialReference: {wkid: 102100}, type: "point", x: -13625078.0408, y: 4548494.332400002 } },

I would like to modify the map service and I want to display the heat map based on that value, instead of cluster of points.

any help or idea, how to tweak this, (the original sample is