Replace values in RGB rasters

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My goal is to replace the values of one raster (of all the 3 RGB bands) with the values of another raster (also 3 bands) where the values of the initial raster meet some requirements, for example only where Band_1 (Red) = 205, Band_2 (Green) = 255 and Band_3 (Blue) = 194. The code bellow does not work saying something like the raster 205 is not supported...I also dont know how to loop through the RGB arrays...

Initially I tried to do this in raster calculator but did not figure it out how to do it...
Here I put the code where I want to replace the values of the Image17 with the values of Image16:

import arcpy, os

arcpy.env.workspace = r"Z:\BP\TST"
Image16 = r"Z:\BP\TST\16.tif"
Image17 = r"Z:\BP\TST\17.tif"

Image16_red ="\\Band_1")
Image16_green ="\\Band_2")
Image16_blue ="\\Band_3")

Image17_red ="\\Band_1")
Image17_green ="\\Band_2")
Image17_blue ="\\Band_3")

if Image17_red == "205":
    if Image17_green == "255":
        if Image17_blue == "194":
            output_obj = (Image17_red = Image16_red) & (Image17_green = Image16_green) & (Image17_blue = Image16_blue)

Could you please give me a hint on how to solve this?

Thank you very much