Problem with Summary Statistics in ArcPy

Discussion created by mauriziogibin on Jun 27, 2013
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I have a question regarding Summary Statistics in ArcPy.
I am working with a feature class that contains points whose attributes are two string fields called "CATEGORY" and "NAME".
I would like to count the number of points by category.
I believe the summary statistics is very useful in this case.
So the syntax would be:

arcpy.Statistics_analysis(<points>, <points_dbf>, [["CATEGORY", "COUNT"]], "CATEGORY")

NOTE: the <> are used to simplify the input and output table of course! I did not code it like that! :)

When I run it as a stand alone script I got a message saying that the ,<points_dbf> cannot be created. It is actually created but it is empty.
I think the mistake can be in the way I am passing the fields and statistics required AND I also have a rather sinister feeling...
Do the fields HAVE to be numeric?
I am sure and tested in both ModelBuilder and Python Window they do not have to be numeric.
Any help appreciated!