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Append XML metadata to HTML code using Python

Question asked by cpoynter on Jun 25, 2013
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Hi All,

I have a script which pulls information from a number of XML files to populate a table within a HTML document.

Although I can pull the information, it is overwriting the table space with the new information. What I would like to do is append the table space (body) of the HTML document for each new XML file, so that I will have a Thumbnail, metadata details for each XML creating a large HTML listing of data for quick reference.

import arcpy, sys import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET  html_head = """  <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <title></title> </head>"""  fh = open(r'D:\Temp\CSD_HTML\file.html', 'wb') fh.write(html_head)  XML_List = [r'D:\Temp\CSD_HTML\test.xml', r'D:\Temp\CSD_HTML\contours.sdc.xml'] for xml in XML_List:     print xml + '\n'     path = xml     tree = ET.parse(path)      for node in tree.findall('.//title'):         title = node.text         print 'Title: ' + node.text      for node in tree.findall('.//westbc'):         westbc = node.text         print 'West: ' + node.text      for node in tree.findall('.//eastbc'):         eastbc = node.text         print 'East: ' + node.text      for node in tree.findall('.//northbc'):         northbc = node.text         print 'North: ' + node.text      for node in tree.findall('.//southbc'):         southbc = node.text         print 'South: ' + node.text      for node in tree.findall('.//geogunit'):         geogunit = node.text         print 'Geographic Units: ' + node.text      for node in tree.findall('.//horizdn'):         horizdn = node.text         print 'Projection: ' + node.text      for node in tree.findall('.//ellips'):         ellips = node.text         print 'Ellipsoid: ' + node.text      html_body = """      <body>     <p> </p>     <table width="800" border="0">       <tr>         <td width="309" rowspan="5"><img src="Thumbs/MitchellD_2013-06-25.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="300" align="left"></td>         <td width="4" rowspan="5"> </td>         <td height="50" colspan="3">Title: """ + title + """</td>       </tr>       <tr>         <td width="150" height="50"> </td>         <td width="165" height="50">North: """ + northbc + """</td>         <td width="150" height="50"> </td>       </tr>       <tr>         <td height="50">West: """ + westbc + """</td>         <td height="50"> </td>         <td height="50">East: """ + eastbc + """</td>       </tr>       <tr>         <td height="50"> </td>         <td height="50">South: """ + southbc + """</td>         <td height="50"> </td>       </tr>       <tr>         <td height="150" colspan="3"><p>Geographic Units: """ + geogunit + """</p>         <p>Projection: """ + horizdn + """</p>         <p>Ellipsoid: """ + ellips + """</p></td>       </tr>     </table>     <p> </p>     </body>"""      fh = open(r'D:\Temp\CSD_HTML\file.html', 'a+')     fh.write(html_body)  html_tail = """  </html>"""  fh = open(r'D:\Temp\CSD_HTML\file.html', 'wb') fh.write(html_tail) fh.close()  del tree 

Having an issue getting subsequent tables to add to HTML with each metadata details for each XML file.