Pyscripter crashing once import arcpy is invoked

Discussion created by gouldingk on Jun 21, 2013

I've recently installed Pyscripter and I can see arcpy added in 'Special packages' under Tools->IDE options. Also I run the 'print sys.path' statement I see the following:

['C:\\Python27\\PyScripter\\Lib\\rpyc.zip', 'C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\python27.zip', 'C:\\Python27\\ArcGIS10.1\\DLLs', 'C:\\Python27\\ArcGIS10.1\\lib', 'C:\\Python27\\ArcGIS10.1\\lib\\plat-win', 'C:\\Python27\\ArcGIS10.1\\lib\\lib-tk', 'C:\\Python27\\ArcGIS10.1', 'C:\\Python27\\ArcGIS10.1\\lib\\site-packages', 'C:\\Program Files\\ArcGIS\\Desktop10.1\\bin', 'C:\\Program Files\\ArcGIS\\Desktop10.1\\arcpy', 'C:\\Program Files\\ArcGIS\\Desktop10.1\\ArcToolbox\\Scripts']

The above suggests that Pyscripter is pointing to the relevant folders in order to support arcpy. However when I start typing in 'import arcpy' into the editor, a dropdown list appears....and then Pyscripter crashes.

Has anyone seen this happen before? Are there any suggestions to fixing this?