Issues with Assignment Rule

Discussion created by platinumdesign on Jun 20, 2013
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We have a client in the transportation business.  We are using Arc Engine and Network Analyst to create a schedule for them for their drivers.  These trips consist of a pickup location and a drop off location, so we are using Ordered Pairs to ensure that the pickup takes place prior to the drop off.  We are also attempting to set the Assignment Rule to preserve routes for select trips as specified on this page

The problem we are having is that setting an order with an Assignment Rule of 2 (which should keep the order with the route) often fails when there are multiple orders on the route set like this.  The irony however is that if one of those orders are assigned to the route with assignment rule 2 and the others use assignment rule 3 (to be distributed however the VRP Solver feels is appropriate) the other orders that we want to have pre-assigned will get placed on that route.  So the question becomes, why is it that the VRP Solver errors when we try to pre-assign these orders ahead of time and what can we do to resolve this issue?

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