Web Mapping Application - Editing Properties - Editable Feature Service

Discussion created by cityofgreenriver on Jun 20, 2013
We are currently in the process of developing a basic web mapping application that would allow end-users the ability to add, attribute, and delete features ADDED by them within an editable layer (in this case a road network).  We don't want to allow users the ability to delete EXISTING features, but we do want to grant them the ability to modify attributes if necessary.  Even if we could provide the ability to UPDATE ALL feature attributes, and ADD new features only, (without having the ability to DELETE any features), this would suffice.  Unfortunately, this option does not exist in the "editing properties" for this feature service through ArcGIS online.  I am using a customized Basic Viewer application template (JavaScript).  Any thoughts, tricks, work arounds?

Thank you in advance!