Exporting via Python/ArcObjects with an MXD containing a Production Mapping Element

Discussion created by gnewburyiv on Jun 20, 2013

I'm attempting to export a data driven pages mxd by using python to control the arcobjects via the comtypes package. You may say 'hey just export directly via arcpy', well I'm using a third party extension to export a different type of pdf map, and that has to be done via ArcObjects. However I run into the same error when I try to export a regular esri pdf.

To Summarize:
- I have a python script that uses comtypes to export the mxds to both the esri pdf format and the third party extension format
- I can successfully export an mxd that does not contain the 'Topo North Arrow' element (a production mapping graphic element ??) to both the esri pdf format and the third party format
- I am not able to export an mxd that contains the 'Topo North Arrow' element to either the esri pdf map format or the third party format
- I am able to check out the a production mapping license

I think the issue is with loading the proper production mapping object libraries, but so far I can't figure it out. Any other ideas? If I could export to an ESRI PDF I would think it was an issue with the third party extension, but it appears to be something more basic.