How to use python to create map layer in arcgis 9.3

Discussion created by ankurbhutani on Jun 19, 2013

Currently we have automated map layer creation process with the help of python in arcgis 10 version. we also have projects which use arcgis 9.3. Previously, we are using arcgis desktop(manually) to create map layers.

Now, we want to automate this process in arcgis 9.3 also.I have installed python2.7 and cx_Oracle-5.1.2-10g.win32-py2.7 to connect with oracle database. I am able to connect to oracle database but I am not able to import arcgisscripting.

Please help me out..let me know what i am doing wrong? wrong or incompatible software? or any thing else..

Any help really really appreciated!!