Polyline and Point Feature allignment

Discussion created by johnmatthewp on Jun 22, 2010
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I work for a company that does an advanced version of Google Street View. We have vehicles that take panoramic camera pictures every 10 meters and creates a point shapefile that represent each day of driving. Each point shapefile can have 10,000+ points in 10m intervals representing where the vehicle took pictures in the target area that day. I also have a polyline shapefile that represents every road in the target area. To ensure we have complete coverage of a target area we look at the point file and polyline file and see which roads do not have camera data overlaid on top. It would take forever to look at every road because we have thousands of kilometers of data. Is there any way to use ArcToolbox to see which polylines do not have corresponding camera points? I can clarify the situation if needed.

Thanks for any help!

Here is a screen shot that might explain better the situation. The green dots are the capture points and the blue lines are the roads.