Disappearing attribute data

Discussion created by mfoster73 on Jun 14, 2013
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Hi All -
I'm working with a few people compiling point data in AGOL and it's been going really well for the most part.  That said, recently we discovered that several of the points that were added along with the associated attributes, lost those attributes, although the point itself remained.  Workflow:
1 - add point
2 - fill in pop-up with required data in the set of 7 fields (most importantly, the ID field)
3 - close the pop-up
4 - search for new location and add point, etc.

Has anyone experienced losing data in this way?  It's very strange and is only happening to one user.  We've looked at a number of things to see if he's doing anything differently:

he's using the same browser as colleagues who don't have issues (Chrome)
He is not using a filter on the point data

The other thing to mention is that he normally clicks off the point right after adding it, then clicks it again to display the pop-up of the attribute data, and they appear correctly.  It's just that occasionally later the attribute data (or a portion of the data) disappear.  Very strange!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.