Cannot see related attributes

Discussion created by kdjenkins on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by nilsbabel
I am trying to view attributes in a related table in my map viewer.  I have a personal geodatabase where I created the relationship class (relating a table to a feature class).  I published my .mxd (10.1) as a feature service to AGOLO and can view it successfully in my map viewer. The description for the feature class shows that it sees the relationship class to the table.  However I cannot find any way to be able to see the related attributes in the pop-up (enabled attachments), in the table or anywhere in ArcGIS online.  I could not find information in the help or an answer in the forums though I see reference to this being possible.  Does the data have to originate in SDE? Is there something else I need to do when publishing it or once it's in AGOLO?