Export Web Map Issue

Discussion created by shaun_weston-eagle-co-nz-esridist on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by shaun_weston-eagle-co-nz-esridist
I'm encountering quite a tough issues with the Export Web Map task

When you zoom into the maximum scale for the cache and try and print that, sometimes the cached layers will not show in the print out. I haven't figured it out exactly, but its to do with screen size and layout size.

Example is Zoom into 1:1000 and print map at A4 Portrait, no basemap shows, change to A3 Landscape or zoom back to 1:1500 then the basemap does show.

Actually I noticed that the tiled map service isn't even being added to the MXD for some reason? A work around is to add the tiled map services into the template MXD, then turn these on/off by writing python code.