Fetching SDE Feature Layer properties (9.3.1)

Discussion created by chaz6 on Jun 10, 2013
I would like to automate creating some documentation, and to do this I need to query the metadata belonging to an SDE layer. Unfortunately using my code, I receive the following error:-

Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)':
Automation error
Unspecified error

Here is the code, with the problem line highlighted:-

Public Sub GetLayerProperties()

Dim pMxDoc As IMxDocument
Dim pEnumLayer As IEnumLayer
Dim pMap As IMap
Dim pFeatureClass As IFeatureClass
Dim pDataSet As IDataset
Dim pFeatureLayer As IFeatureLayer
Dim pUID As New UID

pUID = "{E156D7E5-22AF-11D3-9F99-00C04F6BC78E}"
Set pMxDoc = Application.Document
Set pEnumLayer = pMxDoc.FocusMap.Layers(pUID, True)
Set pFeatureLayer = pEnumLayer.Next

Do Until (pFeatureLayer Is Nothing)
    If TypeOf pFeatureLayer Is IFeatureLayer Then
        Set pFeatureClass = pFeatureLayer.FeatureClass
        Set pDataSet = pFeatureClass.FeatureDataset
        Debug.Print pDataSet.PropertySet.GetProperty("Server")
        Debug.Print pDataSet.PropertySet.GetProperty("Instance")
        Debug.Print pDataSet.PropertySet.GetProperty("Database")
    End If
    Set pFeatureLayer = pEnumLayer.Next

End Sub