Access Quality - cost distance using bicycle level of service

Discussion created by tonysalo on Jun 3, 2013

I am new to the cost distance tools in spatial analyst and looking for so e help. I conducted a bicycle level of service using a street centerline feature class and have scores ranking from 0.1 - 1.0 (low scores reflect high quality).

My project area includes 5 cities which have several high demand origin points. I need to evaluate the general cost of accessing a single destination from these origin points by using the level of service scores. Distance in feet or miles is irrelevant. I simply want to evaluate the up/downstream quality of the road network using the level of service scores.

I've tried using cost distance with a raster created using the LOS scores from the street feature but distance I terms of miles seem to overwhelm the results.

I'm trying cost path using cost distance and back link rasters but I'm afraid this will result in a few lines on a map that wiggle around low quality streets.

Finally, I have also tried natural neighbor using the street intersection feature class which was joined to the LOS scores. This resulted in a heat map showing general areas of low/high quality cycling. I feel this was a good approach but my client wants the results to look like lines.

Sorry for the lengthy post. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Thanks so much,