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Is it possible to publish a Spatial View in a Map Service with Feature Access enabled

Question asked by on May 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by bdodsonesri-ca-esridist
We are using AGS 10.1 with Oracle 11g/ArcSDE, High Precision with the ESRI Binary spatial type.

1) I have a feature class and a table that are related in a spatial view created with the SDETABLE ArcSDE command. The related table in the SV provides attributes used for symbolization.

2) After the view was created, I 'registered it with the geodatabase' using the context menu in ArcCatalog.
3) Then I granted create, read, update, delete privileges, using the ArcCatalog 'Manage...' context menu, on the dataset containing the feature class, and to the spatial view itself, to the Oracle account by which I connect to Oracle in ArcMap to add the layer to my map document.
4) To be extra sure, I verified using TOAD that those privileges were granted to the feature class and spatial view.

But when I try to publish my map document as a map service with the  Feature Access  capability enabled, I get this Error in the Analyze step: Code 00163 "Enabled Feature Access capabilities (Create, Update, Delete) do not match feature layer user privileges (Feature Service)".

What secret sauce am I missing? Or is it not possible to publish a Spatial View with Feature Access?