controlling feature class extent

Discussion created by Cyndy on May 30, 2013
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I have a feature class, that I call into a Python script, that I then convert to a raster, and perform a conditional statement with, with another raster.  The input feature class - and the derived raster from it - has a different, smaller, extent than the other raster I perform the conditional with.  Within the conditional statement, the feature class derived raster is part of the conditional statement; ie: basically I say 'where the feature class derived raster is null, use the other raster's value; else, use the feature class raster value".  The output result is of the extent of the feature class raster, and I need the extent to be of the other raster that is input in the statement.

Let me make that easier to follow :)

outCon = Con( IsNull(Raster("OutRaster")), Raster(gR), (Raster(gR) + 1.0))

OutRaster is the raster derived from the feature class. gR is a random raster.

I need outCon to have the extent of gR.  I cannot seem to do this for love of chocolate!  I tried to set the environment extent to what I need, but that appears to have no effect.  How can I make this work? 

Please let me know if I need to clarify my problem.  Thanks!