Unable to Create New Features in an Editable Layer Using Web Mapping Application

Discussion created by cityofgreenriver on May 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by cityofgreenriver

We wanted to develop a very basic web mapping application that would allow end-users the ability to add, update, and delete features for an editable layer (in this case a road network).

I have completed the following:

1.) Developed/shared a web map
2.) Published and Downloaded a web mapping application using the configurable Basic Viewer application template (with feature editing capability) available from ArcGIS online.
3.) Installed on our web server, and performed some minor customization.

Almost everything looks great, and performs as it should, with one exception:  We are unable to add new features to the editable layer.  We can select existing features and modify/delete them, but we can't add new.  I am not using ArcGIS Server.

I might also add that if I publish the web mapping application directly to ArcGIS online, I can perform edits just fine.

What am I missing?  My head hurts from beating it against this brick wall...

Should I have posted this in the JavaScript API Forum?

Thank you in advance!