Some problems I found in using the version of ios SDK

Discussion created by lynnew82 on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by lynnew82
Hi all!
     I wrote some demos with the newest version SDK. But there are several problems I cannot resolve.

     1) TextSymbol cannot display the Chinese Characters.
         In the former version ,textsymbol do not have this problem. Now I have to import the font file to the app project,and set the TextSymol font,then the Chinese Charactor can display as a text symbol.

     2)AGSLocationDisplay cannot run in a AGSMapview whose spatial reference is not 4326 or 102100.
        If the spatial reference of AGSMapview is not 4326 or 102100, the app will crash when I use AGSLocationDisplay to display current device location.

      3)AGSPopupsContainerViewController is not stable enough.
        when AGSPopupsContainerViewController is in a callout , I test Popup Sample, I push several AGSPopups into a controller, then swip the pages or tap the PageControl ,the application will crash. But if the AGSPopupsContainerViewController has only one AGSPopus,there is no such problems.

      Are these bugs? or I do not use the SDK properly?