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Question asked by aimong on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by aimong
How would you do this using AddMessage instead of print and in a script tool? My code has a parameter and where_clause in the search cursor so the user inputs a name and I would like a message listing field values.

ESRI expample:

import arcpy # Open a searchcursor #  Input: C:/Data/Counties.shp #  Fields: NAME; STATE_NAME; POP2000 #  Sort fields: STATE_NAME A; POP2000 D rows = arcpy.SearchCursor("c:/data/counties.shp",                           fields="NAME; STATE_NAME; POP2000",                           sort_fields="STATE_NAME A; POP2000 D")  # Iterate through the rows in the cursor and print out the # state name, county and population of each. for row in rows:     print("State: {0}, County: {1}, Population: {2}".format(         row.getValue("STATE_NAME"),         row.getValue("NAME"),         row.getValue("POP2000")))