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Generate Renderer throws "Error generating uniqeValues." error

Question asked by fss_gsm on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by fss_gsm

I'm playing with the unique renderer generator function in the JS API, but appear to have hit a issue with my rest service.

I've created a map service which consists of a point feature class that is joined to a non-spatial "work table", with the rule set to only keep matching values.

When I attempt to call the "Generate Renderer" function on the feature class in question (loaded through arcgis/rest/services/... ), I receive the error (spelling mistake included):

Error generating uniqeValues.

The server log contains the following text:

<Msg time='2013-05-24T16:19:20,443' type='SEVERE' code='10819' target='xxx/xxxSearch.MapServer' methodName='MapServer.REST.GenerateRenderer' machine='' process='5984' thread='4744' user='null' >Missing parameter: Error generating unique values</Msg>

If I remove the join and publish the service, using the same parameters, I do not receive the error and get the expected results.

Am I missing some parameter, or is there a limitation on using the renderer with map services that contain joins?

For reference, the parameter I am providing to the classification definition is:

{"type":"uniqueValueDef","uniqueValueFields":["UNIQUE_FIELD"],"fieldDelimiter": ",","baseSymbol":{"type": "esriSFS","style": "esriSLSSolid","width":2},"colorRamp":{"type":"algorithmic","fromColor":[115,76,0,255],"toColor":[255,25,86,255],"algorithm": "esriHSVAlgorithm"}}