Get the sum of a Field in an attribute table

Discussion created by lraposo on May 23, 2013
Hopefully I can explain this properly, this is for a heat index choropleth map by census tract. Im trying to get the sum of a field (land area) for my census tracts in my attribute table and have that total in a new field or have that total so I can divide the total area of a region divided by a total area of census tracts within that region that fall in the high level of heat index so i can get a final percentage to put in a bar graph. Im not strong at coding, and im new to GIS and Arc.


total area of High index in the region / total area of region

Also, I have the areas of each census tract in my attribute table, but not the total area of the region. Im not even sure it possible to have a new field with just the total area of region. Any help is appreciated.