Setting popup editable not working

Discussion created by fraserhand on May 20, 2013
Hi There,
I'm using the webmap sample to create a popup for editing. Note I am not using a webmap but a feature layer direct from AGS.

I have the following code:

for (Graphic g : x) {
  ArcGISPopupInfo popinfo = sigEventsLayer.createPopupInfo();
  Popup popup = new Popup(mapView,popinfo,g);
  //popup.setEditMode(true); - popup is empty!
  createEditorBar(sigEventsLayer, true);
  popupDialog = new PopupDialog(mapView.getContext(), popupContainer);;

If I don't set the editable flag then the graphic displays as expected. Note that if I set the edit mode I get no data.
If I add the editor bar and click edit it doesn't change the popup to editable. I'm missing something obvious, I'm thinking that the popupinfo isn't set completely?
Any help appreciated.