Error Handling: Try Exception

Discussion created by Playa on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by wunderkind
I've developed a model within ModelBuilder that utilizes a large number of tools from various toolboxes as well as python scripts. I'm pretty new to Python as well as Programming. The model that I've developed is calculating the catchment characteristics for very large railway alignments in the excess of 1000 km alignments. If any of the tools within my model fail, it means rerunning the model from scratch. Now most of the errors that I receive is not syntax or incorrect datatypes, it more to do with the particular feature within the Feature Class being processed.

I wanted to find out if its possible to execute a tool and if the tool has a problem processing a particular feature within  a feature class will through an exception, report the feature that it has a problem with, but at least will move to the next feature within the feature class and continue processing.

I can then going through the feature that are causing the tool to through an exception to see why and run these features separately.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.