Numeric Values for the Field of Type in the ProjectPoint layer?

Discussion created by shuhai.zheng on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by shuhai.zheng
In the ProjectPoint layer, the HyElemType field has values for Diversion, Junction, Reservoir, Sink and Source. Can anyone let me know what are the corresponding numeric values in the field of Type?

I created a BatchPont layer representing reservoirs. After running he Batch Subbasin Delineation, those points were added into the ProjectPoint layer as "Junctions". I wonder if I can rename them back as "Reservoirs". I used Field Calculator to assign "Reservoir" to HyElemType field, but don't know if the Type field also needs to be changed and what value needs to be. The numeric value for a Junction is 15.  Thanks.