Output surface raster in Kriging

Discussion created by wesselmj on May 17, 2013
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Hello all,
There must be something I am not understanding correctly, but I can not get kriging to work with my data.  I have about 30 geographically defined points across a 4 acre field that I have labeled with clay percent of the soil.  I also have a layer that I created with x and y data of the field (created using kriging in another program from an extensive map of gps coordinates that I collected).  Then I created a raster file using the x, y based field layer. 

However, I can not seem to get ArcMap (10.1) to create a kriged map of clay on the x, y based field.  When I put in my field (created raster file) into the output surface raster location a little red x on the left side of where the file location is entered I get the error, "It cannot be overwritten since overwritten is off." 

1. Should I just turn the overwritten to on?  If so, how is this done?
2. Is there not a way for ArcGIS to create a new file with the kriged clay contents?

Thanks for the help!