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Question on Loops!!

Question asked by MLCouden on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by ldonahue
I created a program in ArcO that has a dialog box that users answer questions in to get an mxd to draw. I missed a step in the program. I have it written where if they choose Annual stations it will draw an mxd from the current year folder. I forgot to program in differeent years. For Example: If they choose Annual and 2010 then it needs to draw the mxd from the 2010 folder. I'm not to sure how to fix my loop. Should it be:

If cboStations.Text = "Annual" then
If cboYear.Text = "2010" Then
Select Case cboDistrict.Text
Case "Abilene"
  pApp.OpenDocument ("K: .........

Code is below:
Private Sub cmdMap_Click()           Dim UserValue As String     Dim Value As String     Dim Year As String     Dim pDoc As IDocument     Dim pApp As IApplication               Set pDoc = New MxDocument     Set pApp = pDoc.Parent          If cboStations.Text = "Annual" Then                            Select Case cboDistrict.Text         Case "Abilene"             pApp.OpenDocument ("K:\TASS\4_MAPPING_DATA_SUPPORT\Traffic_Mapping\District_Maps\2012\Abilene\Abilene_Base_Map.mxd")         Case "Amarillo"             pApp.OpenDocument ("K:\TASS\4_MAPPING_DATA_SUPPORT\Traffic_Mapping\District_Maps\2012\Amarillo\Amarillo_Base_Map.mxd")         Case "Atlanta"