AdvancedSymbology Message value reverts back to default

Discussion created by aquaseal on May 17, 2013
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I am adding a custom designation to the AdvancedSymbology Message to keep track when a message is Selected. It appears that the value I set on the message reverts back to the original value when I pull that message out of the message layer. Here is the sudo code:

Create a new message and add the custom designation:
            message.Add("IsSelected", "false");

Pull the message from the message layer, set the custom designation to true and process the message:
            selectedMessage = messageLayer.GetMessage(message.Id);
            selectedMessage["IsSelected"] = "true";

Check the value of the custom designation:
            if (selectedMessage["IsSelected"] == "true")

At the last step the value is always the default value (in this case false). Is there a better way to know when a message is selected or not?