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Add ArcGIS Toolbox Reference - .Net target version of created DLL?

Question asked by gilest on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by gilest
I'm currently working on an Add-In in which I'll need to do some geoprocessing.
In the ArcObjects samples (here) there's one that show how to queue up multiple geoprocessing tools to run in the background and not have existing data for inputs (e.g. tool2 uses tool1's output).  This looks like something I'll need to implement, but when trying it today I hit an issue - some of the tools I need to run are in custom toolboxes so I can only execute them using GP.executeasync(string name, varArray params).  I remembered that you can add a reference to an ArcGIS Toolbox in your Visual Studio project.  I tried this, but the DLL created from the process has a Runtime version of 4 and I'm working in 3.5...  2 questions about this process:

1.  Is there a way to control the .Net version the DLL is compiled against?  Is it based on the version tied to the version of Visual Studio?
2.  Will users of the Add-In still need the actual .tbx file I created the DLL from & in the exact same file location?

Thanks, Terry